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Global launch of Conquest V.H.P.: a brand new milestone for quartz technologyLongines has leveraged its outstanding knowledge of quartz technology to build the ultimate high-precision wristwatch: the all-new Conquest V.H.P cheap replica watches . This collection constitutes another milestone inside the reputation quartz timepieces, successfully incorporating many top features of today's smart connected replica watches, like ultra-precision iwc big ingenieur chronograph watches , technical sophistication as well as a sporty feel, without the on the drawbacks, and all sorts of this while preserving the brand's signature elegance. The watch boasts an in-built system that resynchronises hands after exposure to a shock or maybe a magnetic field, some sort of first that guarantees timekeeping which is as accurate since the new-generation quartz movement itself. Around 100 journalists from worldwide had time to view this technological breakthrough on their own in a tour with the reputation of the watchmaking brand. For Longines, the Conquest V.H.P. signals a return with a technology that it has pioneered and perfected through the years, especially in relation to timekeeping activities. The international launch on the new Conquest V.H.P. (Very High Precision) was held at Neuch芒tel Observatory, an environment as spectacular since the timepiece itself. It was also only at that iconic venue how the first quartz clock by Longines set a few precision records back 1954. Some 100 journalists and influencers from around the globe attended the disclosing in this collection that celebrates precision and perfection. With this intimate and informal setting, Mr Walter von K nel, President of Longines, and Mr Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice-President of Longines and International Marketing Director, accompanied guests with a fascinating journey through a brief history of Longines and its close relationship with quartz technology, with the very start right through to the 2017 launch with the new Conquest V.H.P.The world launch have also been the opportunity to free guests, albeit briefly, audemars piguet rubber strap watches from the confines in the hyperconnected world. The fact smartphones were not permitted in the Observatory resulted in everybody was able to immerse themselves fully in the experience. A temporary museum erected underneath the Observatory's glass dome retold the Longines story plus the many technical and technologies they have achieved during its history. Using a few explanatory words from the hosts, guests were generated a 2nd room, a veritable cabinet of curiosities, to finally feast their eyes for the Conquest V.H.P. Outside the Observatory, a special interactive space is made where guests were able to require a much closer examine and take care of the timepiece, in addition to chat to Longines management. In general, an appropriate end to this particular very special presentation.Longines' history with quartz has been one filled with technical innovation and feats. In 1954, the emblem launched a first quartz clock, which will quickly set an extended series of precision records in the Neuch芒tel Observatory. It turned out housed from the mythical Chronocinegines, a guitar that was a pioneer in the good timekeeping, since it provided judges having a film strip made from some prints at 1/100th of an second, enabling them to keep to the movement in the athletes at this time they crossed the final line. In 1969, technological mastery led Longines to disclose the Ultra-Quartz, the 1st quartz wristwatch conceived to get mass-produced. An enormous stride was made in 1984 with all the quartz calibre built in the Conquest V.H.P., setting a precision record with the time.As a possible extension of such historic milestones, the winged hourglass brand has become presenting its new Conquest V.H.P., equipped with a movement manufactured by the ETA manufacturing company just for Longines. This movement is acknowledged for its high a higher level precision for the analog watch (卤 5 s/yr) and its ability to reset its hands after a positive change or experience a magnetic field, while using GPD (gear position detection) system. These attractive features are most likely responsible for its exceptional movement status, which a lengthy battery life and a perpetual calendar have to be added. Inside true essence of Conquest, the final sports line, this exceptional timepiece mixes high technicality and dynamic aesthetic. To use own way, and compared to connected replica watches whose disadvantages comparison to its waves and recharging batteries this doesn't have, the Conquest V.H.P. has positioned itself because standard-bearer of extreme precision.These steel replica watches can be bought in the three hands/calendar (41 and 43 mm diameter cases) and chronograph (42 and 44 mm diameter cases) versions. The chronograph displays hours, minutes and seconds, a 30-minute counter at 3 o'clock, a 12-hour counter at 9 o'clock as well as a 60-second counter at the center. On every model, changes are created using the intelligent crown, as the E.O.L. indicator can preventatively signal no more life of the battery. The Conquest V.H.P. collection models display blue, carbon, silvered or black dials. 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