Enrique Shaw: 100 years of a transformative testimony

His life came to an end at the age of 41… but the hope still lives on. The hope that his legacy is imitated throughout ethical and efficient business management in the proffiability and the development of the workers. That they represent the best way of fighting against poverly: throughout dignified work.
It is with this same hope that today we want to reward his work, fostering his saintly fame.


Enrique Shaw, the Argentine businessman who the Pope prays to

Enrique Shaw: the Argentine businessman whom Pope Francis may soon beatify

Enrique Shaw- A life, a testimony


Enrique Shaw Magazine. Family father, apostle and businessman.
Scroll to the left to see testimonies, photos and videos

Enrique Shaw Magazine. Family man, apostle and businessman.
Scroll to the left to see testimonies, photos and videos

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Oh, my God, Enrique has given us a joyful model of Christian life through his everyday life with the family, his job and the society. Help me to follow his steps in deep communion with You and a Christian apostolate. I beg you to glorify him and grant me by his intercession the favor that I ask to you, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

(Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be to the Father).

With ecclesiastical approval: Archbishopric of Buenos Aires, July 14, 1999.


Several letters have come from people who relate thanks granted by the intercession of Enrique Shaw.

We ask those who obtain thanks or favors through the intercession of Enrique Shaw, to communicate through the following form or to the e-mail address: cshaw@acde.org.ar

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